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Writing, working, and finding time to be me

NaNo-2015-Participant-BannerI’ve been neglecting myself again. It’s a side effect of the greatest month of the year, National Novel Writing Month! NaNoWriMo is a contest wherein the participant tries to write 50K words in thirty days. It’s that simple, and of course that hard. It takes an enormous amount of discipline, so I kind of let myself fall to the wayside a bit as I concentrate on writing my story.

As much fun as that is, I’m also trying to acclimate to my new position at my job. It’s not that it’s unfamiliar, but it does take some getting used to. It’s a new department for me, I’m not familiar with the products, what we carry, and how to help my customers. It’s a bit stressful. Add to that, Black Friday in a few weeks, inventory a couple of weeks later, and then Christmas, it’s enough to make anyone lose focus on what makes them happy. In this case, being Stef.

20151110_192851It’s not all bad. I’m able to redecorate my bedroom with the extra money, and it needs it desperately. I am living with my parents, which sucks, but it’s enabled me to get back on my feet. My room is worn down, and  want to redo it as a thank you to them. I’ll probably move out soon, as I really do need my own space to explore my feminine side, but for now, I have to do this.

NaNo will last until the 30th, so another 19 days. This remodel project will be a couple of months, and hopefully this job will lead to bigger and better things for me. After years of feeling bad about myself, what with a divorce, losing a job, losing the person whom I believed would be the “one” after my divorce, yeah, I need some good in my life.

I did manage to buy a new outfit and dress up last night for a few hours. I didn’t get any writing done, like I had hoped, but it was nice to break that monotony and enjoy myself for a change. I don’t know when I’ll have another chance to dress up, but I hope it’ll be sooner rather than later. There are a lot of cute clothes to buy, shoes I need to get, and just opportunities to express myself that I need to take advantage of. For now, good night, and sweet dreams!


Good news for me

20150912_203543I’ve been a little bummed lately. I just don’t have the money to buy myself any new outfits. It sucks! For a little back story as to why, back in August, the car I had been driving went out. The engine seized, and now it’s a very large lawn ornament. It actually belongs to my parents, but they have other vehicles. I, however, was left without a means to get around, especially to work.

So I finally got around to buying a car. I hadn’t had one in almost three years, since my last one was repo’d, with less than a year left to pay it off. I had been worried that the repossession would hinder me my ability to get a loan. It didn’t, but the down side is I now have a car loan to pay off. New bill, less money for Stefani. Fuck!

The past couple of months I’ve been coasting a bit, wearing the last few outfits I had bought. I know I can wear the same outfits, but that means there’s no point taking new pictures to post. For a shy gal, I take pleasure in getting myself made up in order to show off a bit. It’s a character flaw perhaps, but I enjoy the attention.

The good news is that I earned a promotion. With it comes a fairly decent raise, enough to make an impact on my finances. It’s still not enough, but I know it will make a difference. I plan to catch up a bit on my bills, pay a few things off, but mostly I can’t wait to buy clothes again. Yes, it’s shallow and vain, but it’s also a chance to celebrate being me. Sometime next year, I hope to move into my own apartment where I’ll be able to dress on a regular basis. That’ll be the biggest improvement in my life.