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Some thoughts over coffee

20181031_174426.jpgI’m sitting in a coffee shop, getting ready for another NaNoWriMo. I posted a blog on my writer’s page, but I though I’d write a few things here as well. The competition won’t begin for another six and half hours, and I’m not one to cheat and start early, but I will start blogging about it, and I have.

As I sit here and look out the window, it’s a cold, gray Halloween. The weeks leading up to today have been exhausting. At work we’ve been scurrying around to get ready for a visit from our Regional Vice President. It has been physically and mentally exhausting. I’ve had very little time to just relax and be me!

But that’s over now, and it seems to have gone well. Of course since I work retail, it only gets a little more hectic. Black Friday is only a little more than three weeks away. I work at a home improvement store, so we are entering our slow period, but for me, as the supervisor over hardware, it’s going to pick up considerably. My footprint in the store has grown to include the section in front of my department, as well as most of the racetrack that leads around the store. I will have a lot to take care of.

That, of course, is par for the course. We all have trying and stressful times. At least I’m healthy, as are my loved ones. I’m thankful for that. Everyday is a gift, and I’m blessed to be living my life. The duality of my life can be trying, but I’m happy to be here, free to live this life. I’m happy that Stefani can be out in the open!

I spent the day today running a few errands. I had to get my car inspected and then registered. As I was at the Santa Fe building in downtown Amarillo, where the Potter County tax office is located, I walked across the hall to cast my vote for next week’s election. I feel as though I really accomplished something. I also did dishes!

At midnight, if I’m awake, I’ll start writing this years novel. Tomorrow, I will continue to write and I’m planning of going to a football game. My niece will be in town with the marching band, and I have to cheer her on. I’m also taking a friend in tomorrow, I hope temporarily. I don’t want a roommate.

I’m also looking forward to a trip up to Kansas in December. I, along with a couple of friends, will be going to see Halestorm and In This Moment. I have my ticket. The only issue there will be whose care we will be taking, when we are leaving, and when we are coming back. We need to get together to discuss this, but so far all plans have fallen apart. I hope the trip itself doesn’t get cancelled.

Otherwise, my life is pretty much going as it always has. There has been no major changes. I haven’t met anyone, I haven’t lost anyone. I’m still contemplating moving out of Amarillo, but nothing’s concrete. I’m just happy to be alive, and honestly, that’s a monumental change in my outlook.



Thank God It’s Almost Over!


In my hotel room in OKC, earlier in the month. ~Stef~

This has been a shitty month, it really has! I haven’t had a chance to relax all month. Basically Stefani has been put on hiatus for the duration of the month. I’m not at all happy about it. I’m glad this month is almost over.

It almost all revolves around my job. At the beginning of the month, I had a trip to Oklahoma City to make a presentation for a class. Basically, it’s a workshop for department supervisors who at least show the potential to be assistant managers. It’s a way to get ourselves seen by the district team.

That was on the 8th of this month. The following week, on the 17th, we had inventory. Now, all retailers go through the inventory process once a year. It’s to account for what we have in inventory, and to see how much we shrank. It determines a stores and company’s profits for the year. Needless to say, it’s a stressful time, and we worked long hours to prepare for it, up to the day before. We left at 1:30 in the morning, only to return at five, three and a half hours later, so work another full shift. We were allowed to leave at three that afternoon, when our part of the process was completed. I fell asleep until after six, then drove home, and slept until eight the next morning.

The following week, which would have been this past week, was all about getting ready for Black Friday. Fuck my life, lol. Two of the worst weeks in retail, back to back. There was no time to rest and recover. We went from one process to the next. Another round of long hours and fatigue, all for one day of shopping madness. The only good thing was that we did have Thanksgiving day off, so we all had a chance to recuperate slightly before the mayhem of the biggest shopping day of the year. Our sales reflected it, too. I’m glad for it. I would have hated to have suffered all that for nothing!

This coming week, I’ll end the month as I started, by going to Oklahoma City, this time to walk a store and evaluate how it’s doing. It’s part of our training, and we’ll have to do another presentation on our findings in our class. That means it’s another four hour drive to OKC, walk the store, and then the drive back. At least I get paid for the drive. I’m going to rent a car this time, the company pays for it, so why not?

Next month will be hectic, but maybe not as much. We have our Regional Vice President coming in for a walk, which will make our management team a waking nightmare for the next few weeks, then the week before Christmas, our TOM (Territory Operational Manager) will be in the store for three days. The last thing a store wants is to have a TOM digging in to the store’s operations. They only visit if somethings not right. Not good!

I’m hoping to have a chance for some Stefani time soon. I might carve out some time on Monday. I’ll still have to finish up NaNoWriMo. I’m on track to get my 50K words by the end of the month. On top of everything else, I committed myself to this madness, and I’m stubborn enough to muscle may way through. I’m almost done, the month is almost over, then I’ll collapse in a heap on the floor, and sleep until 2017.

Writing, working, and finding time to be me

NaNo-2015-Participant-BannerI’ve been neglecting myself again. It’s a side effect of the greatest month of the year, National Novel Writing Month! NaNoWriMo is a contest wherein the participant tries to write 50K words in thirty days. It’s that simple, and of course that hard. It takes an enormous amount of discipline, so I kind of let myself fall to the wayside a bit as I concentrate on writing my story.

As much fun as that is, I’m also trying to acclimate to my new position at my job. It’s not that it’s unfamiliar, but it does take some getting used to. It’s a new department for me, I’m not familiar with the products, what we carry, and how to help my customers. It’s a bit stressful. Add to that, Black Friday in a few weeks, inventory a couple of weeks later, and then Christmas, it’s enough to make anyone lose focus on what makes them happy. In this case, being Stef.

20151110_192851It’s not all bad. I’m able to redecorate my bedroom with the extra money, and it needs it desperately. I am living with my parents, which sucks, but it’s enabled me to get back on my feet. My room is worn down, and  want to redo it as a thank you to them. I’ll probably move out soon, as I really do need my own space to explore my feminine side, but for now, I have to do this.

NaNo will last until the 30th, so another 19 days. This remodel project will be a couple of months, and hopefully this job will lead to bigger and better things for me. After years of feeling bad about myself, what with a divorce, losing a job, losing the person whom I believed would be the “one” after my divorce, yeah, I need some good in my life.

I did manage to buy a new outfit and dress up last night for a few hours. I didn’t get any writing done, like I had hoped, but it was nice to break that monotony and enjoy myself for a change. I don’t know when I’ll have another chance to dress up, but I hope it’ll be sooner rather than later. There are a lot of cute clothes to buy, shoes I need to get, and just opportunities to express myself that I need to take advantage of. For now, good night, and sweet dreams!