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Martin from Garland Texas from The Straight Up Gay Podcast

Episode 8 of the Straight Up Gay Podcast is up. If you haven’t checked it out, please do so. It is an informative podcast, dealing with issues surrounding the LGBT community. Hosted by Major, the father of a gay teen, he seeks to raise awareness.


The Straight Up Gay Podcast


Copyright 2017, Straight Up Podcast. Used with permission

I know I run a self-serving little blog. This is my home, a place where I can find some freedom to be myself, unencumbered by societal expectations. I’ve received nothing but kind words from you, my readers, and I have found you all to be a source of understanding and strength.

But to turn the table around, I want to share something I found the other day. I say found, but it was a follower of mine who posted the link to a podcast, run by a man who calls himself Major. Major is the father of a son who came out to him as gay. The Straight Up Gay Podcast is his way  of “working to advance the acceptance of LGBTQ+ individuals in modern society.”

My follower on Twitter, who I have had the pleasure corresponding with for the past several months, is a mother of a young woman, who has begun her journey to transition from male to female. She shared the link to the podcast to talk about her experience as a mother of a transgender child, and knowing who she was, though we’ve never met, I was entranced by what I heard.

More than her conversation, however, was the fact that Major had created a forum where such a discussion could take place. It’s not an obnoxious or toxic arena. It’s a safe place where he can be an advocate of a son he loves, and a platform where he can educate people about the struggles of being a parent of a gay son.

I’ve only listened to Episode 5 with AnnaLis, but a lot of what they discussed I could relate to. The struggles AnnaLis discussed were things I’ve struggled with, but instead of confronting them outright, I chose to do the opposite and hide from them. It was eye opening for me, as a 40 year old, to listen to her talk about a teen going through much of the same things I went through.

But back in the 90’s, there were no forums to go to, no advocates such as there are now. I was a lone wolf, feeling very much alone in my brokeness, struggling to fit in within a world I knew I could never truly belong to. I learned to fake it, and I tried for over ten years to deny to myself my true identity. It’s only recently that I’ve come to terms with my truth.

I believe Major has the promise of becoming an ally for not only members of the LGBTQ community, but the family of those whose children, parents, friends, come out as such. There’s a lot of misunderstandings inherent within our community, some of those I’m still working through, but he’s using his place behind the mic to dispel those same misunderstandings. He has become an educator as much as an advocate.

I hope you all give him a chance and listen to what he has to say. Check him out, subscribe to him, and donate if you think him worthwhile. I know I’ll continue to listen, hoping to learn more about myself and my fellow brothers and sisters. You can find him at the links above, or on Facebook and Twitter.

Feeling the itch

IMG_20160415_205021.jpgI’ve been neglecting my blog for too long. I feel bad about it. It’s been a great way to put myself out there without the risk of being in pubic. But lately, I’ve been getting the itch to actually step outside my comfort zone. I want to go out, have fun, be myself. Yes, I’ve gone out for a drive a few times. Yes, drove to Dallas en femme last month, and yes I did manage to go shopping once, but it’s not enough.

I had dinner with another TG friend of mine that lives in town, and what happens is that I go over in boy mode, dress there, and then we have dinner, talk, and sip some wine. It’s pleasant to be open with someone. It’s not often I get to be myself. There with her, I get to be Stef, and it’s a liberating experience. I absolutely love it!

After dinner last week – or was it two weeks ago? – I decided not to change back, but to walk to my car and drive to my friend’s place. I’ve noticed that I’m not as nervous about it, though I’m still cautious. While I was leaving, I ended up driving by a gay club, 212 in downtown. Now I’m working up the courage to go there.

I may have to try it out first in guy mode. I’ve never been there, and I’m not big on going out to clubs to begin with, but I want to go out, and I need a safe place to do so. If I think it’s safe, I want to go there as Stefani. I know it’ll probably take me a while to relax, but I think it would be exhilarating. I really need to do it. I can’t survive only within the confines of my friend’s apartment.